Reflection on UEFA’s missed opportunity to stand with the LGBT movement

UEFA missed yet another opportunity to show that they do not stand for what suits the body but what society and football in general stand for.

1) There’s no middle ground here. You either stand with equality or you stand against equality.

2) Equality isn’t a political option, this is not about politics, this is about basic human rights. Equality is the bare minimum we should aspire to.

3) UEFA are not homophobes but they’d rather protect their money/position than take a stand for what’s right. Hungary will host the 2022 EL final so UEFA don’t want Orban to be mad.

4) This is like the ESL, UEFA didn’t do it for the fans. They do it to protect their position.

5) To hell with UEFA and to hell with every single person that doesn’t stand for equality. We are all human beings and we all should be treated equally in spite of our beliefs, religion, sexual identity/orientation, race, ethnicity or nationality.