Kamaru Usman what the numbers tell us

Kamaru Usman has out-landed his opponents by a margin of 2.27 significant strikes per minute.

That is the second-highest differential in UFC Welterweight history.

He trails only Georges St-Pierre (+2.39)

Something fun about the “Kamaru Usman is boring” narrative:

If we remove all grappling and just look at time striking from distance: Usman averages 12.5 significant strike attempts per minute. His opponents average 10.8 attempts per minute.

Kamaru Usman has landed more significant strikes than his opponents in all 12 of his UFC fights. The only other fighter in UFC history with at least 10 fights to never be out-landed is Demetrious Johnson (18 fights). There are also two fighters one bout away from joining Usman and Johnson and those are Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski are both at 9 fights without being out-landed.

Highest sig. strike differential per fight (min. 10 bouts), UFC history:

1 J Jedrzejczyk +62.4

2 M Holloway +40.3

3 K Usman +39.4

4 G St-Pierre +37.1

5 A Sterling +34.3

6 D Johnson +32.8

7 J Jones +32.2

8 K Nurmagomedov +31.1

9 C Velasquez +30.2

10 T Dillashaw +27.4

Kamaru Usman has the 7th most control time in UFC history. Usman has just 75th most fight time in UFC history.

Gilbert Burns and Tyron Woodley spent 10 minutes, 45 seconds grappling in their fight. Burns had control for 74.1% of that time. Kamaru Usman and Tyron Woodley spent 18:13 grappling.

Usman accounted for 100% of the control time.

223 fighters in UFC history have spent at least 1 hour grappling. Only 2 of the 223 have held control positions for over 97% of their grappling time:

Khabib Nurmagomedov – 97.40%

Kamaru Usman – 97.36%

Source: @NumbersMMA