Calamity Jurgen

Calamity state of deep distress or misery caused by major misfortune or loss. The Merriam-Webster definition for the term calamity aptly describes how everyone associated with Liverpool Football Club must be feeling today.

Winning the Premier League title back to back is a feat achieved by few, but many had picked Liverpool to managed to repeat last season’s outcome. It’s how they would get there that the beliefs differed.

Could Liverpool emphatically win the title? Could they win it but having less dominant? Could they have scraped through to win it?

No matter which of the three questions you asked yourself before the season start, we all expected and accepted that this season Liverpool would be able to put up a fight this season.

That hasn’t gone to plan. The chief culprit being injuries that have plagued the Reds from early on in the season when their captain went down. There have been some flat performances in the league as well and we can not discount those, but every other club has had its struggles with inconsistency.

The lack of depth and talent in Liverpool’s ranks has been laid bare for all to see and they have been left reeling since what looked like the best summer signing in Diogo Jota, went down injured. This coupled by Thiago Alcantara’s inability to become a creative force in the absence of Jota. Granted Alcantara is not one to carry a team with his creativity, he has had a season-best six assists back in 2018/19.

The blame doesn’t solely lie on his shoulders as midfielders such as Georginio Wijnaldum have also failed to offer creativity for the front three.

In the backdrop of yesterday’s shocking loss to Brighton at Anfield, it was worrying to note that Liverpool’s injury list is a stronger team than the team that lined up against Brighton, even if you add three youth players.

I believe this side would have defeated the side that faced Brighton last night.

Liverpool have been ravaged by injuries and their title hopes and dreams for a great season have suffered as a result.

The mood in the Liverpool camp should be at an all-time low and it will be interesting to see how they respond in Sunday’s clash with table-topping Manchester City.

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