Debate: How huge is the gulf in class between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes?

Two of our Sports Hype NFL predictions panel (Garnet and Peter) engaged in a debate on the subject, join us as we unpack the debate.

GM: I think Lamar is 1 dimensional and needs to improve his passing. Yesterday I saw him getting rattled by the Chiefs pass rush. He couldn’t read defenses and the gap between him and Mahomes is getting wider and wider. I actually think if I have 1 game to win. I am taking Dak over Lamar at this point. This Lamar is not winning a playoff game. Yesterday the Ravens OC didn’t call a great game which didn’t help. I will get to KC later

PT: I half-agree.

I think if we are honest Lamar is a decent passer so it’s not accurate to say he is 1-dimensional. I also think its a nonsense to say he can’t read defenses. The play-calling hasnt helped but I think the bigger issue is that Lamar doesn’t do well under pressure. It’s such a big weakness that needs to be helped by coaching. If you find yourself in a pressure situation and the coaching isn’t helping then it makes it worse.

GM: By 1 dimensional I don’t mean he can’t throw at all but my point is if you take away the running, he cannot do it from the pocket. So basically, the book on him is take away the run game.

PT: That and the consistency of his throws. But again I think a big part of that is his technique becoming loose because he starts rushing things and starts “trying too hard”.

GM: I don’t know why they don’t utilize the play-action pass more often. They do 7-drop pass plays with a guy who isn’t that accurate and can’t throw it outside the numbers.

PT: I half agree again. If there is pressure then I think that’s the issue. I honestly think of guys take away the run game and he plays a team that’s 3pts ahead he will be fine. Do you know what I think? I think they are using some of the plays as practice for him. I honestly thought that in the 1st half of Houston. That was a terrible half of play-calling and execution.

GM: Well…with that they can keep running. Tennessee took away the run early and went into zone coverages to take away those Tight End throws. When it comes to throwing guys open on those anticipation throws, I don’t think he is there yet.

PT: Not consistently definitely. But, I do think that there are maybe 2 teams who are built well enough to contain the Ravens offense of its game planned properly and the play-calling g is on point.

GM: That’s right. Not many teams can contain them but that’s why I went to the playoffs. Baltimore will win the division but, I don’t think they can beat Buffalo I am being honest.

PT: I think the stinker games have exposed G-Ro as well. I think he is an exceptional OC when it comes to putting a high-level game-plan in place. But he is terrible at situational play calling.

GM: You might be right. I didn’t like the playcalling at all!

PT: Last year there were legitimately 2 teams I feared. Buffalo and Titans. They have the defences to match up with Ravens well. And their offenses are actually more than good enough. Bills are actually similar to Kansas City in that you have a guy that can attack the back-end with his arm AND he can get a few 1st Downs with his legs. The two weaknesses in the Baltimore defense.

GM: They abandoned the run game too early. And Buffalo has gotten better. I am not counting out New England they will be a factor in the AFC.

PT: They always do this. It’s baffling. In the first series we hashed KC on the ground. Then when Mahome-Boy strolled to the end some it felt like a “we can also do that” series. It was nonsense. But Lamar was just terrible.

The defence was even worse playing soft for half the game etc. It was embarrassing man!

Philani’s take:

I agree with Garnet when he says the gap between Jackson and Mahomes seems to be widening. The battle between the league’s last two MVPs wasn’t even a battle. If I could give an example of what the battle was like in UFC terms? It was like watching Adesanya vs Costa, the challenger failed to make it competitive and the Champ came out unscathed.

Philani Mukwakwami


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