The Glazers must go. How bad are things under their watch?

The Glazers and Ed Woodward have done nothing but bad to our football club. We give them our money, we give them our support, and they throw it back in our faces by doing nothing to support the club.

First, let us start with the backing of managers and improvement of squads:
In 2014, David Moyes was sacked after 8 months of being in charge. Whilst this was the correct decision, the ownership bought only Marouane Fellaini in the summer as a last-minute panic buy. €27m.

Later in January, Manchester United bought Juan Mata from Chelsea for €40m.
Is €67m enough for a team who had won the Premier League the season before? Certainly not.
2015 saw Louis Van Gaal appointed, he was backed with €170m in his first summer. The club signed Di Maria for €67m, Shaw for€ 33m, Herrera for €32m, Rojo for €18m and Blind for €15m. This was the first time we had seen decent backing; however, this was due to us being in the Europa.
Next season, Manchester United were in the champions league. As seen many times, the manager is hardly helped when finishing in this tournament.
Whilst signing Anthony Martial, Memphis Depay and Schweinsteiger, the other two were amazingly poor in the form of Schneiderlin and Darmian. The latter two are not Manchester United quality, and yet our incompetent board signs those two players. Di Maria was sold for €10m less than what we bought him for. And even worse, Chicharito, Robin Van Persie, Evans, Nani, and Rafael were sold for only €29m TOTAL.

Louis Van Gaal was finally sacked after winning the FA Cup. Jose Mourinho was appointed as manager, a man who wins you trophies. He was backed with Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba (world record fee), Mkhitaryan and Eric Bailly.

Does not look bad, right? Wrong!
The poor scouting proved to be a problem, as Eric Bailly went on to be injured for a long time. Ibrahimovic scored goals but was injured for some time too. This showed how bad we lacked with transfers. Jose managed to win the UEL, EFL Cup and Community Shield with that.

Next season we see Jose backed with 180m, spent on Lukaku, Matic, Lindelof and Sanchez.
The board, not being football people, give Sanchez 400k a week. Manchester United went out to Sevilla, with an embarrassing loss. They did finish second, however, they were 19 points off City.
2018/19 saw Jose receive minimal backing. After begging for a CB in Harry Maguire, Jose received Diogo Dalot and Fred for 70m. Hardly enough to win the title that season. Jose was sacked at Christmas, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was appointed as interim.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer went on a good run to get United in contention for a top-four finish, however, his team bottled it. The highlight of that season was our comeback against PSG, not that it meant anything. United employed the inexperienced interim. In his first summer, he was backed with Maguire, Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James. Two of them improved our defence from 11th last season to 2nd this season. James proved to not be a good signing. A mediocre championship player who is not ready for the club.
Which brings us to the present, United finished third after a great unbeaten run in the league.

Finishing in the Champions League has proven to be bad for the club once again. Three weeks into the transfer window, and with the season starting in just above two, nobody has come in.
Solskjaer has asked for a left-sided CB, a midfielder and Jadon Sancho. The club has made it known they will not be spending much, and are reluctant to pay the money for Sancho, a much-needed player. The board does not care about the fans or the manager.

Now we look at the investment of the Glazers. Since arriving in 2005, the Glazers have invested none of their own money into Manchester United. £0. ZERO. The biggest club in the world having no backing from the owners. Even worse, the Glazers have withdrawn around £2bn from the club to pay dividends to themselves and shareholders. Our direct rivals Manchester City have invested that into the club since 2008.

Another reason they need to go is the debt they have put this club in. Before their takeover, Manchester United were debt-free. £0 of debt.

Fast forward to the present, Manchester United has debts of £500m and upwards, which the Glazers refuse to pay off. Manchester United generate upwards of £600m per season, yet our owners will not use 200m of that to improve the squad this season.

Winning trophies, the title, the Champions League will bring them more profits, yet they fail to see it since they do not understand football. Not only this, Old Trafford has needed repairs for years now, yet they will not pay to fix our stadium. One of the most iconic in the world.

The Glazers spent 100m on two players for their NFL team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both are over 35. Yet they will not invest here.

Woodward told us we can do things other teams cannot in the transfer window, and if that is signing Daniel James and targeting David Brooks, then you are much thicker than we thought.

How can we get them out?

It is simple, but also difficult. The fans need to stop going to Old Trafford, stop buying shirts and merch. We need to protest often, boycott the club. It will never happen because foreign fans would love to watch us just once. With this, #GlazersOut only trends in the transfer windows. It needs to happen EVERY DAY. Whether we are in the FA Cup final or competing for the title. Only the fans can force them out, and we need to.

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By @UTDLui