Chelsea’s triple signing of Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner & Kai Havertz the best we have ever seen in Premier League history?

A thread on Chelsea’s triple signing of Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner & Kai Havertz.

Here we go…

These signings aren’t just ‘good business’. They are definitively the best transfers by any Premier League club in the modern era.

Chelsea will pay a reported £156m for the trio of Ziyech, Werner & Havertz.

This past season before joining Chelsea the 3 of them combined for a total of 98 goal contributions (goals + assists).

So, on average Chelsea are paying roughly £1.6m per goal contribution.

Check out Man United.

Utd signed their attacking trio of Pogba, Fernandes & Martial for £197m.

In the seasons before joining from Italy, Portugal and France they combined for 74 goal contributions.

That averages to £2.66m per goal contribution, almost double what Chelsea paid.

Let’s compare to Liverpool.

The current PL winners known for their smart spending paid a total of £113m for Firmino, Mane & Salah.

In the seasons before joining, they combined for a total of 60 goal contributions.

That’s an average of £1.9m per GC, 300k more than Chelsea paid.

Time for cash rich Man City.

City acquired De Bruyne, Sterling & Jesus for £153m, close to Chelsea’s £156m.

But, in the seasons before joining those 3 only racked up 61 goal contributions, 38 less than Hakim, Kai & Timo.

That comes out to £2.5m per goal contribution. Pricey.

Here’s Arsenal “net spend” FC.

Pépé, Aubameyang & Lacazette are the 2nd most expensive trio at a total of £175m.

They combined for 97 goal contributions before joining the gunners. Decent.

That averages to £1.8m per goal contribution, still 200k higher than Chelsea’s.

Final list.

Chelsea – £1.6m per goal contribution
Arsenal – £1.8m
Liverpool – £1.9m
Man City – £2.5m
Man Utd – £2.6m

Chelsea haven’t just spent money to get good players, they’ve spent smarter money to get better players than their rivals.

It isn’t just about the fees, it’s also about the profile of players.

Havertz is a generational talent, Ziyech is magic and Liverpool publicly chased Werner.

The biggest clubs were in for these signatures but Chelsea came out on top.

If the price or the quality of the signings isn’t enough to convince you, try this:

Liverpool got Firmino, Mane and Salah in ’15, ’16 & ’17.
United & City sign one marquee player a year.
Arsenal spend sporadically.

Chelsea signed 3 superstars in ONE. SINGLE. TRANSFER. WINDOW.

I rest my case.

Source: @AydenMalek