Tactical Talk: The art of scanning

Scanning is the art of analyzing the environment & take as much information, ten seconds before you get the ball. It’s the most important attribute in decision making. Very good players scan 6-8 times ten seconds before receiving the ball while the average player only scans 3-4 times in the same time frame.

It’s very simple to identify those who are successful at scanning at times after the game you just look at their excellent pass completion percentage. Yes, it’s easy for any player to get good pass completion percentage numbers nowadays but very few can do so with a high volume of attempted passes.

But the trick for us scouts is to see this in real-time and that’s where it is even better.

Top 5 retired players who utilized scanning to perfection


Paul Scholes

Frank Lampard

Steven Gerrard

Xabi Alonso

Top 5 players who utilize scanning to perfection

Lionel Messi

Kevin De Bruyne

Mesut Ozil

Marco Veratti

Toni Kroos

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