Same old José?

Jose Mourinho is one man you love to hate if he not managing your football club, but you will love to love him as your football club’s manager.

He has had a bit of an inconsistent start to life in North London. One keynote that seems to emanate from Spurs’ results good or bad is the lack of creativity in the side.

As they seemed to limp back into the game versus Brighton in the first of the boxing day fixtures, they only began to show their best after their first goal in the 56th minute. With the introduction of Lo Celso, what ended up happening from the 56th minute was what we have come to know Spurs for, precise and crisp attacking play. It was no surprise when after only being on the pitch for four minutes Eriksen played a magnificent ball into Aurier who setup Alli with his goal.

It is quite clear that Spurs’ midfield is more fluid and alive when Eriksen is playing as the midfield maestro. Yes his form has dipped and his commitment is questionable but the great man-manager that Jose Mourinho is he can’t afford to not try to get him starting in his side.

A close look at one statistic from this match left a lot to be desired of Jose Mourinho’s selection. Have a look:

Minutes per pass into the attacking third during Spurs vs Brighton:

Winks – 8.50
Dele – 7.50
Sissoko – 6.92
Lo Celso – 2.83
Eriksen – 2.75

When the better technically gifted players who can be counted on to interlink the midfield and attack were on the pitch, aspects of the game visibly improved for Spurs.

Spurs’ best three midfielders are Eriksen, Lo Celso, and Ndombele, yet all three find themselves struggling for playtime. If this continues can we blame anyone for asking if the Portuguese manager is already beginning to mastermind his own downfall again?

Philani Mukwakwami


Sports are a hobby horse of mine, what happens in-between the lines is just as thrilling as what happens outside of them.