Same old foxtrot, Leicester City?

As the biggest game of the 2019/20, Premier League season is a few hours away and will close down a thrilling Boxing Day fixture list.

The clash between number one and number two in the league is a highly anticipated match which could have three different title implications depending on the result.

Implication one; a win for Liverpool would mean they move to 52 points with a game in hand. This would leave the likes of Manchester City and Leicester with a lot to do to close the thirteen and fourteen points gap respectively.

Implication two; while a win for Leicester means the gap goes down to seven points between Liverpool and themselves. While Manchester City will be eight points behind the Reds, after what looks like a sure win away at the Molineux. A loss at this time of the year with a short window to recover between games could see the Liverpool side tested in ways they are yet to be tested so far this season and it would be advantageous for Manchester City.

Implication three; a Leicester City win could actually have them believing that they can do more than just be up top in the league but they can challenge for the title.

Liverpool makes the trip to the King Power Stadium on the back of conquering the world with their win at the Club World Cup, to face a Leicester City that has surprised and surpassed many a team. Liverpool is yet to lose a match in 17 games while Leicester has lost three of their 13 so far this season. The two teams are separated by ten points as they go into the clash and one goal apart in goal difference terms.

Just how good is Leicester City this year? Well, let’s have a look at how the side compares to the title-winning side.

Leicester City Compared:
Title Winners (15/16) vs This Season (19/20)

After 17 Premier League Games:

Won: 11 – 12
Lost: 1 – 3
Goals Scored: 37 – 40
Goals Conceded: 24 – 11
Points: 38 – 39
Position: 1st – 2nd

Could Leicester City get the win today and go on a run that will see them get a legitimate crack at the Premier League title?

Source: @StatmanDave

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