Patriots rookie Joejuan Williams is all about (protecting) the money

FOXBOROUGH — Joejuan Williams still remembers learning about mutual funds in a personal finance class he took as a junior at Father Ryan High School in Nashville.

“I just raised my hand and was like, ‘So, you’re saying we can sit on money and watch it grow?’ ” Williams, now 21, recalled. “[My teacher] was like, ‘Basically, yes.’ I was like, ‘Bet, sign me up.’ ”

Williams always has been a saver, even as a kid growing up in public housing. When his mother would give him and his brother Deontre $5 apiece to buy food at McDonald’s, Deontre would use all $5. Williams would spend only a dollar and pocket the other four.

Whatever money came his way, no matter how much or how little, Williams saved it. He stored any cash he had in a shoebox in his bedroom. He opened his first bank account once he landed a job in high school, working for his cousin who owned a used car lot. The gig earned Williams a steady $300 per week, sometimes with an added bonus if he drove cars back to Tennessee from out-of-state auctions.

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Philani Mukwakwami


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