NFL picks 2019, Week 10: The Panel of Fans pick the Saints, Ravens, Colts, and Packers picked to get the W.

Week 9 was meant to be the week we all got many of our picks right, Right? Wrong. The NFL doesn’t work that way and we should know by now. The Chargers beat the Packers by 15 points, the Raiders beat the Lions by 7 points, the Browns were taken down by the Broncos and the biggest upset was when Lamar Jackson and company out gunned the Patriots by a mere 3 points.

When things don’t go away, I can promise you it jumbles your brain and makes you second guess picks. This week’s totals will be interesting to note.

The rankings for far -:

NFL Predictions Season Overall
Guest Expert 86-51
Peter 86-51
Tashinga 85-52
Tawanda 84-53
Philani 83-54
Wayne 83-54
Garnet 82-55
$2 coin 70-67

In Week 10 my team to watch will be the Chiefs. The Chiefs will be going into this weekend’s matchup looking to put down a marker in the AFC and capture the NFL’s admiration once again after the Ravens’ win. There is no panic yet, but they will need as many wins as they can get to return to the comfort they had before Mahomes went down. The Chiefs haven’t won back to back matches since wins over the Ravens and Lions in September. This week they face a Tennessee team that has a new quarterback and a two-game win streak over the better teams in the AFC.

For the game of the week I am sticking to the above clash the Chiefs and Titans, yes, the Seahawks versus the 49ers is the bigger matchup, but this all AFC clash has a lot of bragging rights attached to it. This is the 7pm clash I am watching this week.

Week 10 picks

This week have chosen Will Brinson from for our Guest Expert. This week we will use his picks you can follow him @WillBrinson on Twitter.

Philani Mukwakwami


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