Golden State Warriors defence to destroy play-off hopes

I have never been part of the Golden State bandwagon and that wasn’t because I had hate in my heart, I simply couldn’t support a team that was already made. The past five years have been all about Golden State and their prowess, from having a big three to have an unstoppable four. They are an organisation that has had fans in awe and many dismayed. Last year’s NBA Finals against the Raptors could have been a sign of things to come as key stone players fell due to injury and slowed down the well oiled machine that is Golden State. As if losing the title wasn’t enough, there was the drama surrounding Kevin Durant, and the impending departure of some veteran players.

The state of the Golden State is far from golden this season. If I was a mineral expert, I would put their status at copper. A 1–3 start is far off the mark that Golden State should be four games into a new season.

Before I get to how Golden State got here, allow me to say this, THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. Yes, I know very few people will debate me on this one.

Now how did Golden State get here? Well I think three things have happened to them;

1. Loss of experienced personnel on defence and attack

In the preseason Golden State lost Shaun Livingston, Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala. The loss of Klay Thompson for most of the regular season is almost as bad as losing the other three, although he is still on the roster.

Golden State’s defence is all-time poor now, I have never seen anything like it from a team of this calibre, and it doesn’t look like its going to get any better. Losing Klay Thompson who in my opinion is one of the league’s top ten two-way players who can really defend. Kevin Durant was also good on defence and offered a great asset in forcing the opposition into making mistakes. In Iguodala they also lost good defender and defensive leader. And this has led in my opinion to the below average defensive efforts we have seen in the team’s first four appearances.

How does any sports team offset the negative effects of poor defence? By being lights out in attack, and the personnel the Golden State team lost in preseason also happened to be good to great scorers. There will be no success in bypassing the poor defence by outscoring the opposition with Kevin Durant’s 26-28 points a night, Klay Thompson’s 21 points a night, and Livingston and Iguodala’s contributions on rotation. Surely Golden State are finding out there is no substitute for experience. After their loss to the Thunder on Sunday, I had a look at their scoring stats closely and what I saw had me asking myself who the heck are these guys. As I read out names like Jordan Poole, Damon Lee and Omari Spellman just to name a few, these are not the kind of names that fire any team to a playoff spot.

2. Historically bad on defence

Are Golden State fans chanting defence anymore? If they are is it even fair that they chant for something that is non-existent? The defending is non-existent I tell you. They are last in points allowed; they are allowing 130 points per game. They rank last in the league in three-point shots allowed as opposition teams are making 51% of their three-point shots. As if that’s not bad enough opposition teams are making 59% of their field goal attempts versus Golden State. Like I said they are historically bad defence.

3. Everyone wants to beat Golden State

Anyone remember the NFL’s bounty gate? Where there were bounties placed on destroying opposition quarterbacks? I swear every team Golden State face are playing as if they have a bounty to collect after their game. Basically, the Warriors are contesting with very motivated sides that have better rosters and depth than they do right now. And the more they lose the harder it will be for them to push back against these sides

Golden State were in a heap of trouble before the Phoenix Suns game, and things just seemed to get worse for the franchise. In the first quarter they allowed 43 points from the Suns, and in the third quarter Steph Curry collided with Suns center Aron Baynes, which led to him leaving the floor. After the game it was reported by that he had suffered a broken hand as a result of the collision, now they down right are troubled. The return of Klay Thompson can’t come sooner to save the Warriors season, but he would have helped if Steph Curry is available and if the Warriors are a few games away from 8th seed with a possibility to make a late run.

Philani Mukwakwami


Sports are a hobby horse of mine, what happens in-between the lines is just as thrilling as what happens outside of them.