Michael Thomas playing better than ever, despite Drew Brees injury

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas led the league in catches and was a first-team All-Pro last year, but it was fair to ask how much of his success was attributable to having a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees.

Now we know the answer: Thomas has played most of this season without Brees, and his numbers are even better.

Despite Brees’s Week Two injury, Thomas is leading the league with 62 catches and 763 receiving yards. After totaling 125 catches for 1,405 yards last year, Thomas is on pace for 142 catches and 1,744 receiving yards this year.

It turns out that Thomas can do the same things with Bridgewater passing to him as he did with Brees passing to him. The quarterback changes, but Thomas’s production does not.

Last year Brees finished second in league MVP voting. This year, with the Saints remaining a top team despite Brees’s absence, Thomas may end up in the MVP discussion.

This article was originally posted on NBC Sports.

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