NFL picks 2019, Week 7: The Panel of Fans agree on Chiefs, Packers, 49ers all get unanimous picks to get the W.

We were spoilt rotten with drama in week 4. How good was the Thursday night game? What about the shootout between the Rams and the Bucs? The Lions running the Chiefs close, or the Browns getting into gear against the Ravens.

Only two teams are unbeaten so far, the Patriots and the 49ers who feature fantastic defenses. The best record from week 6 went out to Wayne and Tashinga 9-7, while two others with 8-8 records came next best and those were Garnet and our Guest Expert. Peter bagged a 7-9 record for the week while at the bottom of the pile I was kept company by the coin and Tawanda.

The rankings for far -:

NFL Predictions Season Overall

Guest Expert 57-37
Tashinga 55-39
Peter 54-40
Wayne 52-42
Philani 51-43
Garnet 51-43
Tawanda 49-45
$2 coin 47-47

The panel agrees that the Chiefs, Packers, 49ers are all sure picks. The Patriots, Chargers, Bills, and Rams all lost the unanimous winner status by having just one panel member opt for the opposition.

In Week 7 my team to watch will be the Dallas Cowboys. They have been on a bad run of games losing three in a row versus the kinds of teams they will most likely face in the playoffs. The game against division rivals the Eagles comes as a test and opportunity for them to see who they really are and if they are indeed what critics say they are. It will not be a walk in the park and their mantle will be tested all the way.

For the game of the week I pick Seahawks versus Baltimore. Two gifted and very mobile QBs go head to head in what is surely going to be a spectacle, dare I say dual threat QB clinic. Ohhh, and both teams have premier defences alongside dynamic offensive play. The Seahawks should win this game.

Week 7 picks

This week we have leaned on our good friends from CBS (I wish they were my friends hahaha) to get our Guest Expert. This week we will use Pete Prisco picks, you can follow him @PriscoCBS on Twitter.

Philani Mukwakwami


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