NFL picks 2019 – Week 3

The Panel of Fans unanimously pick Seahawks, Eagles, Buccaneers, Dallas, and Patriots to win their matchups
Forget about the football for a second (which has been fantastic so far). The number of injuries that keep coming up are just ridiculous, to say the least. The cost at QB is just too much to bear, Can Newton, Drew Brees, Nick Foles and Ben Roethlisberger who is out for the year. The injuries have affected the predictions somewhat.
The week started off with an intriguing encounter between the Buccaneers and the Panthers, but we all saw that something was wrong with Cam Newton. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals put up a spirited fight versus the Ravens. There were some close contests Colts 19-17 Titans, Lions 13-10 Chargers, Texans 13-12 Jaguars, Bears 16-14 Broncos, Falcons 24-20 Eagles and one big blow out Patriots 43-0 Dolphins. The 49ers 41-17 Bengals, Bills 28-14, Chiefs 28-10, Cowboys 31-21 Redskins, Rams 27-9 Saints, Browns 23-3 Jets, Seahawks 28-26 Steelers and Packers 21-16 Vikings wrapped up the week’s action.
The best record from the week went to our Guest Expert (Charles McDonald) and Tawanda’s 11-5, while Peter, Tashinga and myself are next best with 10-6 records. Garnet and Wayne matched their previous tally of 9-7. The $2 coin came in with an 8-8 record heading into week 3.
The rankings for far -: NFL Predictions Season Overall
Tawanda 23-9 Peter 20-12 Tashinga 20-12 Guest Expert 20-12 Philani 19-13 Garnet 18-14 Wayne 18-14 $2 coin 14-18
The panel this week all agree unanimously that fives sides will win their matchups. It could have been more, with the Raiders, Broncos, Steelers, Brown, and Redskins all getting one pick to upset possible unanimous predictions. There are two toss-ups with the panel being split 3-5 for the Bengals over the Bills and the Cardinals over the Panthers.
In Week 3 my team to watch will be the LA Chargers. They will be feeling hard done by their 3 point loss to the Lions. The two missed field goals and Rivers’ interception in the end zone. They will want the win in Week 3 badly.
For the of the week, I stay in the AFC, two 2-0 teams go head to head when the Chiefs meet the Ravens. Two dynamic QBs face each other in a matchup that we could see again in the postseason if the Ravens maintain their form. The affair is sure to give us some eye-watering football. The Ravens defence will be looking to make some big plays to slow Mahomes down while the Chiefs offence would like to keep their high flying act going.
Week 3 picks
This week we have moved over to to pick our Guest Expert. This week we will use Pete Prisco’s picks, you can follow @PriscoCBS on Twitter.
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