NFL picks 2019, Week 2: Ravens backed to roll past Cardinals easily

A thrilling first week of action visited us and left us in a haste, leaving us with hunger for more. As is the case in many league’s opening weeks the NFL season opened with a thunderous roar of emotions! There were predictable wins for some, humbling losses for others and spirited performances from a few of the losers.

The weak started off with a meek football display in Chicago. Come Sunday the Browns were surprise losers as they were hammered at home by the Titans, the Eagles mounted a late surge to secure a win against it. And we were thoroughly entertained by the Texans and Saints on Monday.

However when all is said and done there were some special players who quenched our thirst for good football.

P. Rivers – 25/34, 333 yds, 3 TDs
L. Jackson – 17/20, 324 yds, 5 TDs
C. Keenum – 30/44, 380 yds, 3 TDs
P. Mahomes – 25/33, 378 yds, 3 TDs
D. Prescott – 25/32, 405 yds, 4 TDs

The RBs and WRs didn’t disappoint too as many encounters were high scoring affairs.

The best record from the week was Tawanda’s 12-4, while Peter and Tashinga are next best with 10-6 records. Everyone else bar the $2 coin have a 9-7 record heading into week 2.

The picks come with a bit more pressure this week!
The panel this week all agree that the Ravens and the Patriots will win their matchups. There are a few ties where the $2 coin broke what would have been a unanimous prediction for one side. Those are the Chiefs, Bears, Browns and Texans.

@tashingawazara gives us his match of the week and team of the week choices:
Week 1 of the NFL lived up to the hype. A lot happened. Lamar Jackson showed that he could throw, the Cleveland Browns had their bubble burst and were brought down to reality, and believe it or not, the Patriots may actually be playing better this year than they did last year!

In Week 2 my team to watch will be the LA Rams. They play the Saints this week who are looking good but I expect Jared Goff and Todd Gurley to get them over the line. I also pick this game to be the game of the week, both teams won in week one and will be looking for a second victory. This will be a tasty affair as the NFC Championship game from last year comes up in week 2.

Week 2 picks

Note: The row ”Result” will show the results from last week’s picks. While the row ”Overall” shows picks for the season.

This week we have returned to to pick our Guest Expert. This week we will use Charles McDonald’s picks, you can follow him on @FourVerts on Twitter.

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