2020 Olympics: South Korea asks International Olympic Committee to ban ”Rising Sun” flag

The South Korean government has asked the International Olympic Committee to ban the use of the Japanese “Rising Sun” flag at the Olympics.

The South Korean sports ministry which relayed the message stating that the flag which is allowed to be displayed by the Tokyo organisers, is a symbol of Japan’s imperialist past. And a reminder to Asian countries of the pain and suffering they faced at the hands of Japan. The letter went on to liken the ”Rising Sun” flag to the Nazi swastika.

An IOC official was on record stating that the IOC has the mandate to make sure all stadia are free from political demonstrations. ”When concerns arise at Games time we look at them on a case by case basis.”, the official confirmed.

The ”Rising Sun” flag has been banned by FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation already.

My take

The IOC must just put a ban on the flag as other sporting bodies have done, what good does it serve to look at issues on a case by case basis. When you can just say no to the ”Rising Sun” flag at official fan parks and Olympic stadia.

There is a clear understanding of the pain and suffering that those who were oppressed feel when they see reminders of their oppression.

Nike in July withdrew the release of a sneaker that showed the colonial-era version of the American flag.

And in South Africa earlier this month the Equality Court that asserted that the display of the old South African flag and inappropriate use of the flag is unfair discrimination and harassment.

Source: reuters.com

Philani Mukwakwami


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