Derrick Chisora right for the outburst

Yesterday social media was ablaze with a video of Derrick Chisora demanding answers on why he wasn’t headlining the fight night at O2.
Chisora, who has a 31-9 record, protested the fact that his fight versus New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker is billed as main support on the undercard for a world unification title bout between super-lightweights Josh Taylor and Regis Prograis.
Sadly, Chisora became vulgar in his questions, although he made some good points. He spoke about the fact that the heavyweight division is the headliner of world boxing at the moment. Which is true. Especially considering that the winner of Chisora v Parker will put their name close to the top four boxers in the division. So the fight is important even though there is no title on the line.
Chisora also stated that he was the pull factor and would manage to fill up the O2 arena. Chisora has 230,8K followers on Twitter. Josh Taylor has 70K followers on Twitter. Regis Prograis has 9,620 followers on Twitter. Although it’s not a fair indicator as to who is more famous, it is safe to assume the UK public knows of Chisora’s existence as opposed to the super-lightweights. That said Joshua Parker the other half of the fight also has a pull factor as an established heavyweight boxer.
Chisora went on to ask for more money if he wouldn’t be the main event, which in my opinion is a fair request. The same should apply to Parker.
So to a greater extent, Chisora is right to protest. Albeit, I feel that this is one of the many examples where sportsmen and sportswomen are in control of their own destinies. From the NBA free agency, to Neymar’s attempt to free himself from PSG, to Antonio Brown’s saga. It is clear that sportspeople now feel the need to direct their own careers. And they aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers on their way to getting what they need.
There is no way Chisora didn’t know the position of his fight on the card, but the public act of defiance was just a clear indication of where our sportspeople are now.
Following the rant, Chisora took to social media to air out his bum and a bottle of Vaseline to back up one of his quips.
It will be interesting to see where this ends up, Eddie Hearn has responded speaking to iFL.TV immediately after, Hearn said: “Dereck feels it should be main event. He is co-main event. It was discussed with his promoter. “We’ll see. At the moment Taylor-Prograis is the main event. If there is some kind of public uproar, then Sky [TV UK] will have to look at it.”
Source: @IFLTV
Philani Mukwakwami


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