NFL picks 2019, Week 1: Browns frenzy grips our panel

The wait for a new NFL season is long and depressing, to say the least. But early tomorrow, the NFL season kicks off with a tasty tie. The 2018 season opened with a similar matchup and it delivered the goods as Khalil Mack put on a show in the first half and Aaron Rodgers came back like a boss on one leg.

This season promises to be interesting, to say the least as always there are many subplots in a lot of teams. It will be interesting to see as we go forward how that will influence predictions going forward.

The panel for this week believes that three teams will easily win their matchups. These include the Browns, Jets, and the Chargers. There are other ties that got one prediction going the other way to split a unanimous win prediction. These include the Ravens, the Chiefs, the Seahawks, the Lions, the Cowboys, and the Eagles with just one panelist going for the opposition.

Here are the 2019 NFL clairvoyants
True to our founding principle the panel consists of fans (six). We will add one NFL expert prediction:

* Garnet Masenda is an NFL fan and not a fan of any particular team. His hot take is, Aaron Rodgers will win league MVP and take Green Bay Packers to the NFC Championship game where they will face the Cowboys.

* Peter Chingo is a Baltimore Ravens fan who believes Aaron Rodgers is the G.O.A.T and Lamar Jackson will a top QB this season. Peter’s hot take Ravens in the Super Bowl.

* Tashinga Wazara is an Arizona Cardinals fan who was once based in the desert and was blessed to watch Carson Palmer throw darts to Larry Fitzgerald live. His hot take is the Patriots will not make the Super Bowl.

* Tawanda Makamba says he doesn’t support any particular team (I quit that some time ago, he says). He had a lot of hot takes but I guess his last one was about whether Dak can take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl is the biggest one. He says Dak won’t take the Cowboys all the way.

* Philani Mukwakwami, Sports Hype co-founder, is a Patriots fan and Chargers sympathizer. But don’t be shocked to see me in a Eagles/Seahawks/Green Bay cap. My hot take is the Bills will win 9 games in 2019.

* Wayne Ncube, a Green Bay Packers who says Aaron Rodgers is the G.O.A.T. Wayne’s hot take ”Drew Brees falls of a cliff”.

* One NFL Expert with a reputable publication/website who will fill in the Guest Expert spot. Please note that we will provide the name of the expert below the table.

* Below is a Zimbabwe 1997 $2,00 coin. The coin will predict Heads for the home team and Tails for the away team.

Now that we are all acquainted, here is my team to watch for this week.

Cleveland Browns:
Almost everyone is on the Cleveland Brown hype train, whether you like it or not they will be one of the most-watched and talked about teams.

They have the kind of offense that may see you park your NFL Game Pass and pay particular attention to Baker Mayfield and his weapons on offense. The defense will entertain too.

If the panel’s predictions are anything to go by people really believe the Cleveland Browns have what it takes to be a good team this season. I have the Cleveland Browns finishing the season 9-7. Good for them to opening the season at home versus a Tennessee Titans side who have a good opening-week record, but the panel doesn’t think they will maintain that this time around.

My game of the week is the Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots, need I explain why?

Week 1 picks

Our Guest Expert is NFL expert Adam Stites, you can follow him on Twitter – @AdamStites.

Philani Mukwakwami


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