Cowboy cap trouble

If you watch Fox Sport’s Undisputed or follow Skip Bayless, you know how he feels about the Dallas Cowboys and the three contracts that they need to get done. ”These are all-time great problems!”, Bayless said yesterday pounding that poor desk on the show.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have been left between a rock and a hard place by deals made elsewhere in the league. Deals for Kirk Cousins, Todd Gurley, and Wednesday’s record-breaking Michael Thomas contract must have had Jerry Jones pulling his hair out.

The Quarterback

Kirk Cousin’s 3 years, $84 000 000 contract, with $84 000 000 guaranteed was the turning point for quarterback salaries. And as is always the case it affected all other quarterbacks who got deals after him. $84 000 000 guaranteed is the gold standard as it stands. Now enter Dak Prescott who is negotiating a new contract as his rookie deal expires. How much do you pay Dak Prescott when there are many other players on the roster waiting for their turn?

The numbers being thrown around suggest to Dak Prescott coming out as the highest-paid quarterback in the league once the ink dries on the paper. Well, unless he takes a home town discount. I don’t think Dak deserves a deal that makes him the highest-paid quarterback but he should get good value and an above-average salary for his position.

The Running Back

Ezekiel Elliot has entered day seven of his hold out and is still in Cabo, waiting for a deal to be struck. He is definitely looking for Todd Gurley type of money. The jury is out if we will see a Le’Veon Bell 2.0 situation in Dallas as news coming out of Dallas is that Jerry Jones is angry with Zeke’s decision and feels betrayed to an extent. I would be angry if I was Jerry Jones too, thinking if only I had done deals with Zeke et all earlier. Todd Gurley the league’s best running back to many is earning $14 375 000 a year and the next best running back as per earnings is Le’Veon Bell who is on $13 125 000 a year signed with the Jets. Zeke is the most valuable Cowboy, but how much is Jerry Jones willing to part with?

I say Zeke is worth at least $13 500 000 a year over the next 5 years.

The Wide Receiver

Now the third man, new man Amari Cooper. Since making the move to Dallas from the Raiders, Amari looked sharp and helped Dak Prescott put up some decent numbers. Couple a good half-season in Dallas and Michael Thomas signing that mega-deal Thursday, bet your top dollar, Amari Cooper thinks he is worth at least $18 000 000 to $19 000 000 a year. Keep in mind Odell Beckham Junior is in second place behind Michael Thomas earning $18 000 000 a year. And below that, a host of receivers such as DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans and Brandin Cooks earn on average a little over $16 000 000. So I can’t see Amari taking $17 000 000 as $18 000 000 is most likely his magic number.

Stephen Jones, son of the team owner has been speaking to media and he has been clear about his expectations that deals can be done, but has gone further mentioning that the three players must remember there are other players who are waiting to ink new deals.

I’m sure Jerry Jones is livid with all the other NFL owners for ”inflating” the salaries in a time where the cap won’t budge for his potential title-winning side. Keep your eye on this one.


Philani Mukwakwami


Sports are a hobby horse of mine, what happens in-between the lines is just as thrilling as what happens outside of them.