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Betting is fun when you are cashing in right? What do you do with your proceeds when you win? I take my betting portfolio seriously like it’s an investment 😆. Last weekend I cashed in 78 USD from the weekend games. Oh, by the way, I made a wrong call on this article last week when I went against Sporty Trader’s tip. They had called for an Atletico Madrid win over Real Madrid, but I didn’t go with exactly that. I went for an over 2.5 bet instead and Atletico Madrid won 7-3 that match. I would have cashed in more.

Usually, I place my bets online on the fly and I find my trusted tipsters handy when I need betting insights quickly. If you want quick tips to fill up your betting slip, here are some calls by Sporty Trader for upcoming games.

Sporty Trader betting tips

Sporty Trader also has FC Copenhagen win 3-1 against The FC New Saints. I would put considerable stakes on this one as it is paying a bit more than the other games on Africa Bet. You can also check other betting tipsters for more tips and insights you can consider in your bets. Here are some of the tipsters I recommend:

1. OddSlot

You will find more betting tips of teams that you probably haven’t heard of (lol). These tips and insights, however, are worth checking out.


Here you will find tips on a variety of sports. I suggest you do a background check on all peculiar bets that you might be interested in.

Do you have any tips you would want to share with others? Let’s discuss in the comments section below. Happy hunting!


Please note that these are just recommendations and we cannot guarantee that the information provided will result in successful betting.

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