#MayPac2: Yay or Nay?

”The only thing motivating Manny Pacquiao is a rematch with Floyd Mayweather”, Shannon Sharpe said on Fox Sports’ Monday episode of Undisputed, and I agree with the man!

Manny Pacquiao was robbed on the 2nd of May 2015, at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas. In one of the most anticipated fights of our generation, it was such a shame that Mayweather’s impeccable defence sapped the life out of about that could have gone down in folklore.

Sadly in boxing, unlike the UFC, fighters don’t get points for being the aggressor in fights and if that was the case I think Pacquiao would have won the bout. Mind you, I went into that fight backing Mayweather to win it but by the 6th round, I remember being very angry with my guy. I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs at 5 am on a Sunday morning, urging Mayweather to box.

Pacquiao and his trainer Freddy Roach have since that 2nd May bout requested for a rematch which at the time I thought would be a major waste of time. However, with not much happening in boxing especially outside the heavyweight division, a small window of hope seems to be on the brink.

Mayweather hasn’t had a meaningful match since his win over Andre Berto, and I don’t know how much of an effect his age would have on his fighting skills. However, we all know Floyd will step into the ring if the cheque is right, no questions asked.

Moving on the manner in which Pacquiao obliterated Thurman though, would have me take my hat off to Mayweather if he indeed took the fight. Pacquiao was looking for the finish in every round of that fight as he outclassed and completely owned Thurman who is a decade younger. Pacquiao landed 82 jabs to Thurman’s 18 and many have rightfully said the former champion was lucky to see all 12 rounds.

It will be interesting to see if Mayweather Promotions and Showtime Sports can reach another agreement as they did a few years ago. So far Pacquiao and Mayweather have taken to social media to throw jabs there, this has an eerily similar feeling to the early days of the Mayweather-McGregor circus.

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I would love a rematch between them. Would you? Let me know below.

Philani Mukwakwami


Sports are a hobby horse of mine, what happens in-between the lines is just as thrilling as what happens outside of them.