PL Fantasy Tip: The formation for success

Now that the Fantasy Premier League is upon us let’s talk about the basics of how to improve on your previous score for current players. For newcomers, the next series of articles should help you get up to speed with Fantasy Football. This handbook will not go down well with certain colleagues who feel they will lose the competitive advantage they have, let me share these nevertheless.

A short introduction, I started playing Fantasy Football in 2011/12 season with 2047 debut points. The following seasons, my scores were 2200, 2424, 2158, 2090, 2136, 2203 and lastly 2018/2019 season’s 2174. I am still aiming to beat that personal best of 2424 and hope to help other Fantasy Football managers along the way. The most common pitfalls I have come across are player choice, fan loyalty, formation, taking unnecessary hits, squad rotation… well, this is all I can think of for now. We will discuss more as the journey unfolds.

NB: A disclaimer of note is that this is just a snapshot to give you an idea, we all have busy schedules hence I will not go full-mode actuarial scientist on these numbers.

The formation for guaranteed success
Right-hand panel filters on the Fantasy interface page is what will help you with these basics. Sorting all players by total points gives an indication of which positions yielded the most points last season. Using this, midfielders are a clear winner with Salah, Sterling and Mane going over the 230 mark. If we lower the benchmark to say 155 points, we have 8 defenders, 11 midfielders and 8 strikers. This provisionally gives us an indicative 3:5:2 formation of maximising midfielders.

For those struggling to balance the books, let’s have a bit more fun and look at the value for money. If you divide total previous season points by player value, you will get value or points per million (ppm) pounds. Of the above +155 point players, defenders come tops with VVD on 32 ppm and Alonso least with 25 ppm. Fraser and Milivojevic offer the most value for money on midfielders (24 ppm) with Sane and Son offering the least with 16 and 17 ppm respectively. Upfront, Jimenez (24ppm) offers the most vs Kane’s 15ppm.

Below is a value for money summary of selected top point hauliers from last season. Defenders offer the most value and based on that, let’s build on a 4-4-2 formation for now and see how we progress in building an effective team.

FPL players summary

Other factors to consider are points per match or points per minutes played.

In the next article, we shall cover common mistakes then subsequently start building our team from the back. Oh, one last thing. You will need lady luck on your side more often than not. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome… Good Luck

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