PL Fantasy: Sports Hype League Announcement

If you reading this you better make sure you have joined the Sports Hype League. If you haven’t here is the link, (join here). We welcome you and please feel free to share the link and the league code (code for joining is m14wyq).

So as you would have seen in the link above you win 1 000,00ZAR for topping the Sports Hype League mid-season and the top manager at the end of season will receive 1 500,00ZAR and the second and third-placed managers will win 500,00ZAR each.

We will endeavour to keep the league and all managers well informed on happenings in the greater fantasy universe and on the Sports Hype League too.

Here is how we plan to do it:

Monday Recap
We recap the weekend in fantasy with you to start your week on a joyful note or to remind you that you captained the wrong player or worse still benched a gem of the weekend.

Wednesday Worldwide Fantasy is when we post stuff from all around the world that may affect your transfers, formation or captain. This comes straight from the various Fantasy whisperers out there who manage to stay at the top of the game worldwide.

Top Manager Tips. To wrap up your fantasy week with us we turn to one of our own. We get the inside scoop from one of the top managers in the SHL. The press conference will aim to educate, motivate and maybe intimidate fellow managers.

By golly, if ya aren’t excited by this, walk the plank! (thick pirate accent)

P.S. share the league code, it’s going to be LIT!!